Peter Webb's Lectures

Peter Webb lectures on the following topics:

  • European Erotic Art
  • Erotic Art of the East
  • Prehistoric and "Primitive" Erotic Art
  • Male and Female: attitudes towards the nude figure in European Art
  • Double Standards: the Academic Nude in the 19th Century
  • Vincent Van Gogh: a personal journey through the places he painted
  • Gauguin in the South Seas
  • Symbolism and Decadence in European Art
  • Edvard Munch: the Long Scream
  • Egon Schiele: Sex as Art, Art as Sex
  • Picasso and Matisse: 20th Century Visions of the Nude
  • Surrealism: Dreams and Sexuality
  • My Day with Salvador Dali
  • Hans Bellmer and the Doll
  • Sphinx: Leonor Fini and Surrealism
  • Women Artists: their role in European Art
  • David Hockney: Art as Biography
  • David Hockney and the theatre (with music).
  • David Hockney : new work in Yorkshire.
  • Name-Dropping: 20th Century artists I have known

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